There is no better way to display your images than via traditional albums or printed photo books. Having these to show of your special day and images contributes to the lasting memory of the wedding. Seeing wedding images on digital media (your computer) is one thing, but experiencing it via printed media gives the pictures life and tactile genuineness.

Because I believe that no two people are alike, I prefer leaving the option of what book to take up to the couple. Some people are more traditional (like me;-), and like printed photos, where other people prefer the fabulous new trend of having a book printed to resemble a coffee table showpiece. Both options are priceless in the long run as they display your wedding photos in the most perfect way. Something to be proud of!

So here are my two options:

A custom ‘Estie Thirion photography’ album with printed enlargements.

This personal 170 mm x 225 cm leatherette cover album contains 50 6 x 9 (A5) enlargements printed at a professional printing lab. After two years of dreaming and designing different sizes, quality and ‘looks’, I’ve perfected my dream of having a customized book for diplaying printed images. Black pages show off each photo individually and the viewer can appretiate each photo as if every one of them is an artwork.

A fine art coffee table book (with optional smaller replicas for you).

This exclusive book has a printed non-skratch cover with 100-120 images of your choice. These books are handmade with dubble sided pages printed on smoothe satin paper. The books are 30 cm x 30 cm and an optional extra is two 15m x 15m replicas to give away to parents or carry around in your handbag. Also having tried and tested different books and printers I have settled with this georgeous book that is just perfect with high quality printing done by one of the best book binders in South Africa.

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