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The family: more than just ‘us’

I love extended family shoots. Personally I think more people should do them!  How often do we take pictures of the whole family? And also…these are GREAT gifts to give family members.                                          

UK autumn | Far beyond surreal | Mostert family

This shoot was so surreal, that even when I edited it, I couldn’t believe the colours. This shoot was done in Manchester and the backdrop was for sure the best I have EVER had! Mindie and her boys just LOVED the leaves (and so did I). We had a load of fun.        […]

My own special human beings

I don’t do this often. Almost 100% of all my personal family photos are taken with my cellphone….But sometimes I do love taking out my camera and snapping away at the treasures I were entrusted with. This pictures were taken at my wonder parents’ house in Betties bay along with my only sister and her […]

Cambridge at its best | Mostert Family

If you wondered why I love Autumn so much, these shoots in England should tell the story. This shoot was done in the streets of Cambridge as well as surrounding area. It is as if God give us the BEST backdrop to live in. Yvette, your family is so lovely and doing this shoot with […]

UK 2015 tour | Du Toit Family | London

In autumn 2015 I did another working-tour to the UK and I was even more pretty in Autumn than I could remember. It was a bit colder than autumn 2014, but the colours of the season was spectacular! Thank you to all my clients that made me feel so welcome. Cannot wait to see some […]


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