Archive | August, 2014

Love in large numbers

Thinking about an extended family shoot? Why not? Might it be a bit crazy? Yes, of coarse it’s going to be a bit crazy! Do I LIKE doing them: no doubt I do. With a large number of South Africans that live abroad I get the request for big family shoots a lot these days. […]

Marius and Stephanie Joubert and their rugby team

What I love about my job is that I never know who will be ‘walking-through-my-doors’.  Each shoot is new. Every situation is different. So when Stephanie and Marius pitched up for their family shoot I felt quite honoured to photograph their lovely family. Their two little boys definitely  has sme ruby genes…and when one of […]

For the love of boys

This lovely family was reunited with daddy Eugene after his deployment in Afghanistan. All the way from the UK to enjoy our lovely sunny winters. What a blessing to have met this family and spend some time with them.                                 […]

This is why I love winter and autumn

I have said this many times before, but winter and autumn has a special quality to it. Maybe it is the snuggly clothes you can wear or maybe it is the colours of nature. I cannot wait to visit the UK next month to shoot in the autumn there!             […]


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