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A personal blog | My best friend

I have never done this, but this has been a fantastic year, trying new things and living in a lot of faith. So if this unusual blogpost gives hope to a few people, then it was worth it. The images are random. Just cell phone photos. But they are personal. And that makes them more […]

Chris, Amber and their Tatum | Newborn cuteness

I never had pics taken with any one of my boys, and I will forever regret it. Those first couple of days/weeks are so special and if you have a photographer that understands how to capture the moments, then those moments are captured forever. Yes, they do not display the sleepless nights, but who wants […]

Deon and Michelle | Part 2 | Backsberg

This wedding was just perfect. The couple, the decor, the dress, the make-up and then that magical winelands’ ¬†soft light! Gosh, I was squealing!! I loved the soft romantic feel it gave the images and with Michelles’ timeless beauty and Deon’s friendly smile… perfect.                       […]

Michelle | The Bridal Portrait | part 1

  I’m posting the first post of Deon and Michelle’s wedding to emphasise the importance of being on time on your wedding day. To have enough time for bridal portraits is so important. Months and months of preparation goes into looking perfect on the day of your wedding. Rushing before the ceremony is not good! […]

How cute are these children! From Greyton with love

Tracy and Reenen has been a wonderful part of my life for the past 14 years. I have seen them both go through studies, falling in love, getting married and have three beautiful kids. Tracy is the best mom in the world and it shows in her kids. I look forward to spend many more […]

Upington Wedding | love in the Kalahari

When Elsje asked me to capture their wedding, I was so excited! The love of my life comes from Upington and I had the privilege to live there a couple (yes just two) months. My dad used to take us to the Kalahari when we were little so I love everything about it! The people, […]


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